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DATE: OCT 2022

What I really liked about this assignment is that the customer has given me a lot of freedom with regard to the design of the table. The only design requirement was that the table top had to be triangular, because most standing tables are round or square. This would make the tables unique, and I think it worked.

It was also very important that the tables were structurally sound. This ultimately meant adding a diagonal bar to the design. Although this addition was not planned, it compliments the design very well in my opinion.

Complete with hand-sewn leather hinge and foot.

By loosening a star knob at the bottom of the shelf, you can unscrew the center bar of the table top. Then unscrew the front bar in the same way and fold up the bottom shelf to place the standing table behind a door or cupboard. Use the leather strap to tie all the loose legs together so you don't lose them.

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