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DATE: JAN 2023

I didn't get many requirements for the design of this dining table. It had to be a simple, modern table with a very smooth finish. The table also had to be easy to assemble and disassemble for possible relocations. The customer wanted the wood to have "flames". This means that the wood has been sawn plain. This means that the wood is sawn in the direction of the annual rings instead of perpendicular to it, which would give you more straight lines in the grain. 

Straight round wooden legs at a 5 degree angle from the table top end up on a bottom plate with two functions: Keeping the table top straight and connecting the legs to the table top. Reinforced with special triangles made from the same oak wood so that there is no need for a apron which would  legroom. Large roundovers with a deep chamfer made with a special router jig provide a modern and sleek look.

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