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Making unique, artisanal furniture is central to what i do. I make all my furniture with a passion for craftsmanship in my own workshop in Tilburg, the Netherlands. My designs are a mix of modern, contemporary and traditional styles. I work closely with the client on all my projects, from designing and choosing the wood to finishing.
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Around the age of 17 I discovered my passion for woodworking, when I made my first mallet (which I still use to this day) in my dads little shed with a crooked handplane and a blunt chisel. Since then I have been hooked on woodworking. The satisfaction I get when I make something with my hands is why I chose this profession, and this is reflected in every piece of furniture.

With a father as a cartoonist and a brother as an animator, I wanted to walk my own path as a furniture maker and designer. During my 4-year training as a Spatial Designer at SintLucas, I learned a lot. The focus at SintLucas was mainly on design, which I really liked. After my internship and later job at Artistiek / Joeybooydesign I also got the hang of building furniture, although i have never stopped learning to improve my furniture building skills.

Foto van meubelmaker

Meggy Smulders

"Emiel is a true craftsman. He has valuable insight and he playfully comes to his concepts. He is distinct and visually inclined a maker. His work is super clean and well finished. The communication is informal and accessible."

tropische Bladeren




I use both lacquer and oil finishes for my furniture. The choice of finish is always discussed with the customer to determine the best fit. Oil highlights the natural beauty of wood with easy repairs but provides less protection against scratches. Lacquer creates a protective layer, ideal for heavy use, but diminishes the natural appearance.



By using woodspecies with a high hardness, you prevent scratches, dents and damage, which gives your furniture a longer lifespan.



Moreover, a well-built piece of furniture stores CO2 for 100+ years. A tree absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere during its growth and converts it into wood. We use this wood in our furniture and this way new trees can grow during the lifespan of the furniture.



I sort all my leftover wood based on the amount of chemicals it contains, such as glue in plywood, particleboard, and MDF, or even the old paint from a piece of furniture that I've recycled. This way, the contaminated non-combustible wood is not mixed with the clean combustible wood.

  • What kind of delivery time can I expect?
    Delivery times can vary greatly depending on the period of the year and how many orders i have. Therefore, please contact me directly to determine a delivery time.
  • Do I have to make a prepayment?
    I work with a prepayment of 50% of the price of the piece of furniture, production starts as soon as this payment has been received. This provides security and pays for the materials of the furniture.
  • How do you deliver?
    If you reside within the Benelux, I will personally deliver the furniture to you. If you live outside the Benelux, a custom crate will be made, and the furniture will be shipped to you by mail.
  • How can I get a price estimate?
    Simply contact me below by email or telephone and we will reply with a price estimate. As soon as the design is fixed, we will send you a quote with the final price. Note: The price estimate and the quote price may vary based on design changes.
  • I would like a piece of furniture that is not made of wood, is that possible?
    It is! We work with all kinds of materials including: Metal, glass, leather, plastic, paper, natural stone and epoxy.
  • Do I have to maintain my furniture?
    I provide a 0.5L bottle of maintenance oil with every piece of furniture finished with oil. This oil is easy to use, ensures that scratches are no longer visible, and restores the natural color of the wood. It is recommended to apply this oil several times a year, whenever the surface becomes dull due to usage. If the furniture is finished with lacquer, I can also, for an additional fee, sand and refinish your furniture, making it look almost new again, but this option incurs additional costs.


Get in touch and i will respond as soon as possible.

+31 6 13 07 70 17

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